Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero
Earth Rover Zero

Earth Rover Zero

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  • Lightweight & Portable: Under 5kg for easy handling on the go.

  • All-Weather Ready: Has an IP34 rating, making it resilient in moderate rain or snow. 

  • Effortless Manueverity: Experience smooth navigation with Earth Rover Zero's zero-turning radius, allowing it to effortlessly pivot and turn in place.
  • Extended Battery Life: Up to 5 hours drive on a single charge, giving you more time to explore.

  • Comprehensive Vision: Wide-angle cameras on the front and back provide complete visibility, ensuring safe navigation and view of your surroundings.

  • Drive and Communicate: Built-in speaker and microphone for interactions with locals during your drives.

  • Safety Essentials: Front/back headlights and a 1.2m flag for added visibility.

  • Please note that your local authorities may impose VAT or customs duties.
  • These charges are your responsibility and are not included in the product or shipping costs.

What's in the box

Product Specifications


Earth Rover Zero

To start driving your Earth Rover Zero, you'll need:

  • 4G SIM card with data plan
  • Game controller, steering wheel or desktop keyboard
  • Web browser on a laptop or desktop
  • FrodoBots account via Discord

Earth Rovers are designed with safety in mind.

Weighing less than 5kg, it falls on the lighter side, enhancing its maneuverability and minimizing potential risks.

With a maximum speed of ~3 Km per hour, Earth Rovers is engineered to provide a safe and controlled driving experience.

Do bear in mind that Earth Rovers Zero is still an early-stage prototype-like product and that real-world environmental conditions need to be taken into account.

There should be little perceived latency (usually less than 1 second) when controlling Earth Rover Zero. For most users, they can get used to this latency after about 10 minutes of driving practice.

However, latency performance may deteriorate if there's a bad 4G network connection (at the robot's end) or bad home network condition (at the human controller's end).

We have tested Earth Rovers in 10+ cities around the world, logging in thousands of hours of test drives to ensure they perform well in various networking conditions and real-world terrain environments.

These cities include London, Perth, Taipei, Manila, Madrid, Muncie, Wellington, Blekinge, Vienna, Bern, Stockholm, Berlin, Singapore, Liuzhou, Wuhan, Palo Alto, San Diego and more.

However, please note that Earth Rovers Zero is still an early-stage prototype-like product that's under rapid development.

We have a number of upcoming features (via free software updates) that will allow robot owners to

(1) create unique navigation missions in his local neighborhood, (2) set a rental rate & (3) rent out his Earth Rover Zero to gamers around the world.

For more updates on our project's development, please join our Discord here:

Step 1a: Locate QR code (underneath the robot base)

Step 1b: Scan QR code with your phone's camera & begin support chat with our *Discord bot (*Discord app required on your phone)

Step 1c: Input "3 Word Key" when requested by Discord bot

Step 1d: Follow instructions on how to setup 4G connection

Step 2a: Login to on your desktop/laptop with the same Discord account

Step 2b: Select the Earth Rover Zero unit (already linked to your account in Step 1) to continue

Step 2c: Turn on your Earth Rover Zero unit (with 4G Sim card already inserted)

Step 3a: If your Earth Rover Zero unit has a successful 4G connection, you'll be able to directly control your Earth Rover.

Step 3b: If your Earth Rover Zero unit couldn't establish any internet connection, reach out to our customer support

Note: Your "FrodoBot Owner NFT" will be minted directly into your in-app wallet upon successful activation

Most cities or local councils have no explicit laws against remote-controlled robots, especially given the small toy-like form factor of Earth Rover Zero.

However, please note that you as the robot owner are still ultimately responsible for adhering to any local regulations as these rules may vary widely between jurisdictions.

There may also be concerns about filming in public (although most countries have fairly lax rules on this given the proliferation and ease of live-streaming from mobile phones). To that end, we've implemented a beta feature of real-time face-blurring of any passers-by who may step near to the front camera of a Earth Rover Zero.

In most cases, merely inserting a 4G SIM card that comes with a data plan should automatically bring your Earth Rover Zero unit online.

However, there may be some cases where local Telcos may have additional username/password that require further setup (via an APN setup). Our robot registration process contains detailed instructions on how to set this up.

If you still face problems accessing your Earth Rover Zero, feel free to reach out to us via Discord ( or our customer support.

Shipping & Delivery

Yes, we ship globally to almost all countries except restricted countries. If you cannot find your country during checkout, please let us know, and we will do our best to assist you.

Delivery times vary. Typically, it can take from a week to three weeks to be delivered.

If you have specific concerns about delivery times to your location, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for more information.

The Earth Rover Zero you will order will be shipped to the address you specify during the order placement process. Make sure to provide the correct shipping address to ensure smooth delivery.

The owner of the bot is responsible for its management.

If you have someone you trust in another city or country who can manage the bot on your behalf, you can certainly order it and have it shipped there.

To track the delivery status of your order, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the 'Track Order' option located in the footer menu.
  2. Enter either your tracking number or order number into the provided field.
  3. Click on the 'Track' button.

Our tracking system will then provide you with real-time updates on the current status and location of your parcel.

If you encounter any issues or have further inquiries, please reach out to our customer support for assistance.